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Welcome to JL Freelance, where expertise meets innovation in the world of HR and Recruitment. I'm Justin Landry, the founder and driving force behind this venture.

Originally from Connecticut, I embarked on my professional journey in web design after studying at the Arts Institute of Boston, where I served in roles such as Website Designer and Technical Director. My career path took a geographic and professional turn when I moved to Canada and thenJapan, ultimately leading me to the field of Human Resources in 2018. I began at a garage-based staffing agency startup, quickly ascending to the role of Director of Recruitment. This position allowed me to refine my skills and adopt a sophisticated approach to recruitment.

Furthering my expertise, I earned a Human Resources certificate from Cornell University, which cemented my commitment to a consultative and holistic approach in HR practices. Motivated by this advanced understanding, I founded JL Freelance to implement my innovative recruitment strategy.

At JL Freelance, I integrate traditional recruitment wisdom with modern methodologies, employing industry-leading assessments from Prevue HR and Kolbe to offer clients unparalleled insights. My dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of others remains unwavering. At JL Freelance, where innovation meets expertise to dramatically advance your company's future. Welcome to JL Freelance, where your business's potential is our priority.

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Trusted and Endorsed

JL Freelance believes in partnerships, not transactions. With this approach, JL Freelance works tirelessly to ensure that all clients get the proper tools and strategies for growth that their business needs.


Alair Homes

Valued Client

Your Trusted Recruiting Partner

In our partnership with Alair Homes, we've successfully placed exceptional talent into critical roles such as Project Manager, whose leadership drives project success; Superintendent, responsible for on-site excellence; Office Manager, the backbone of administrative efficiency; and Sales professionals who secure new opportunities for growth. These placements have had a direct impact on Alair Homes' operations, contributing to their ongoing success and growth.

At JL Freelance, we take pride in being the trusted recruitment partner for Alair Homes franchise owners. Our commitment to delivering factual, data-driven results has solidified our reputation as a reliable and effective resource for sourcing top talent. We continue to support Alair Homes in their quest for excellence by consistently identifying and placing outstanding candidates who make a difference.


Remodel Force

Successful Collaboration

Harnessing the Power of Assessment Tools and Predictive Analysis

In collaboration with our valued partner, Remodel Force, we have harnessed the power of assessment tools and predictive analysis to help over 50 clients make successful hires to date. Our continued passion for supporting businesses in building the teams they desire has fostered a meaningful and impactful partnership between our two organizations.

At the heart of our partnership with Remodel Force lies a commitment to revolutionizing the recruitment process. Together, we leverage cutting-edge assessment tools and the capabilities of predictive analysis to evaluate candidates not only based on their past experiences but also on their potential to excel within our clients' organizations.

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